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August 23, 2021

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Partner with ProcureCon Today!

At WBR – we understand the value of creating and connecting communities of people through learning, networking and fun!

A Media Partnership with WBR provides associations and media publications the opportunity to expand their audience through comprehensive marketing campaigns.

So, why partner?

Partnerships give publications, associations and media companies the ability to increase their visibility within their key audiences through:

  • Digital and Print Branding for the most senior audience
  • Position yourself as a thought leader through an integrated marketing campaign
  • Increase business contacts through excusive lead-gen opportunities
  • Gain visibility onsite to access a truly global audience
  • Maximize your social engagement by targeting the right people
  • And get your content in front of the decision makers

With these options, partners also get access to a large database of professionals in the procurement industry

  • Purchasing Managers
  • Procurement Directors
  • Buyers
  • Resource
  • Outsourcing Manager
  • Supply Chain Manager
  • CPO
  • Planning and Strategy
  • And others that fit this audience profile!

Malcolm Clark

Marketing Manager | Contingent Staffing

Phone: 646-502-3268

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As WBR, we understand the importance of connecting people through professional development and education. To do so, we organize and run 35 conferences in industries like eCommerce, Finance, Procurement, Healthcare and more! With these conferences we work to connect businesses with their target audiences to help them reach and exceed their business goals from generating more leads to closing more deals.